Circular Evidence

A Detailed Investigation
of the Flattened Swirled
Crops Phenomenon

by Pat Delgado
and Colin Andrews

In the summer of 1981 Pat Delgado brought to the attention of the British press the existence of some mysterious circular impressions in the fields at Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. Since then, the appearance of similar circles in southern England and elsewhere in the world — many of them striking in their symmetry and beauty — have transformed initial curiosity into a full-blown investigation. One look at the photographs will suggest why the circles raised so many questions — such as, how on earth did they get there?

The authors, Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews, began to compile case studies, interviewing farmers and other witnesses and photographing the formations from hillsides, from the air, and from close-up. With every viewing and visit, every measurement and close observation, more curious details seemed to emerge — details of site groupings and of the swirled and flattened circle floor formations, and the fact that scarcely any of the plants involved were damaged. Reports of further anomalous coincidences possibly connected with the circles and related observations from other countries are included.

While theories have naturally abounded since the circles came to light — theories that the authors have considered and tested — the book does not set out to prove anything beyond the existence of a persistent and compelling enigma in our midst.

Reviews and Comments

"The case for the existence of this phenomena stands well on the unembellished photographic evidence as well as the painstaking attempts at analysis." — Times Literary Supplement

"Circular Evidence is a beautiful looking book. Its fine coloured photographs of rings and circles etched upon the summer cornfields give good reason for the authors delight in their subject. . . . Their approach is none the less impeccably scientific." — The Spectator

"Fascinating pictures and artifacts. . . this is a book that will leave you intrigued, and asking question after question about these strange manifestations." — Manchester Evening News

About the Authors

Pat Delgado is a retired electromechanical design engineer. Colin Andrews is chief electrical engineer with the Test Valley Borough Council in England.

Circular Evidence
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