Edward O. Wilson
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Related Disciplines

-Genomes: proteins defining lifeforms
-Psychology: proteins of knowledge, memory, interactions between anmials
-Ecology: interactions between species
-Classification of Species:proteins of life

Biodiversity - Living OrganismsEcosystems e.g. marshes, lakes, forests

Species Extinction - HIPPO

H Habitat destruction
I Invasive species e.g. fire ants
P Pollution
P Population (i.e. over population)
O Over-harvesting e.g. Grand Banks of Nflnd

Guarded Optimism - due to:

Religion saving creation
Public Awareness e.g. WorldWide Life Fund
Demonstrated Weakness of the Lumber Industry w.r.t rain forests
Relatively low cost to preserve the 25 major hotspots in the earth

Biodiversity HIPPO What to do

last updated: May 26, 2002